If you want to understand why you should have different zones in the office, there is no better example than the one in your head – your brain.

Different areas of your brain have different functions. From storing the memory to processing information to generating ideas to sensing the feelings. Why does your brain need this?

Because this is how each zone helps your brain perform the specific task at its best. This is why people use different computers for graphic designing and financial analysis.

Dedicated spaces help you in a ton of ways:

  1. You can stay focused on the task at hand: Imagine, you are sitting for a very important idea-generation meeting at your desk. 

At the same time, someone from the sales team is taking an important client call. Both the tasks are important, but now you are distracted.

If you have dedicated space for doing a task – whether it is conducting a meeting, training, brainstorming, reception or even a quiet zone, you are increasing the probabilities of that task being conducted with absolute success. 

  1. Your team can get organized: If you sit with your team members and ask them about the ways you can help them be more productive, most of them will talk about some organizing tool.

We need dedicated storage spaces and working areas. It helps us stay physically and mentally organized. 

  1. It sets the right perspective: Usually, when we get out of bed, most of us are very drowsy. In less than half an hour, we are working out in the gym. How does that work?

Half of it is your habit and the other half is the gym itself. Being there physically puts you in a zone that you are there to get the job done. 

This is exactly what happens when you use activity-based working furniture.

Now that you know why you have to consider dedicated zones, here is everything you have to know about setting up these zones in your office. 

Reception and Foyer Furniture – Public Space Furniture

Your business development process may start with a cold mail, but it has to end with a grand welcome at the reception area. No – you don’t have to make your entire staff stand with ‘Welcome’ signs.

There is a simple reason why reception and foyer furniture is critically important – you don’t get to do two first impressions. When you have a visitor, you only have one chance to get it right.

Hence, it becomes important to set up the right reception furniture. Ideally, you should organize any public space furniture setup plan using two principles – what’s the purpose and where’s the space?

Here is what it means for the reception area:

  1. What’s the Purpose: You have to make your guests feel welcomed to a workplace of professionals. Hence, you should have the right reception desk and waiting area seating.

Where’s space: Public areas will have a lot of unpredictability. People will walk in and walk out all the time. Thus, you will have to provide a ton of space.

Once you have provided with the ideal furniture with the right theme in place with a good amount of space, your reception area is done. 

Breakout Zone Furniture

If the reception was about the outside customers, the breakout zone furniture is about the inside customers – your employees.

When you are starting out and office space is scarce, you can use any vacant area as a breakout zone. Here, your employees will come to wind down for a while during a busy day.

You can use books, video game sets or a small table-tennis set to make the area more comfortable. You can also install a small fridge and a small kitchen to help your employees relax for a while. 

Once you have bigger office space available, make sure you plan your breakout are perfectly. Think about the possible activities your employees will do in the space. 

You can take a lot of ideas from lunch and cafe furniture. Usually, these are the places where your employees go to relax. You can also think of this space as a lounge and use lounge furniture for the same. 

Apart from the bar tables and seats, eating dabbles, beanbags and a fridge, you should also have a small bin to keep the place clean. 

It will help your office a lot if you can have physical distance or soundproofing between the breakout area and the working area. 

Open Plan Office Furniture

Here’s the insight – open offices are great tools for businesses. They help you get more work done at much lesser costs. Plus, you get to build a collaborative corporate brand.

The only problem with open offices is that they can cause a lot of distraction. Like the sales call and brainstorming idea given in the beginning, some of your employees will appreciate privacy.

You don’t have to hit the extremes by putting cubicles and cabins in place. You can start with using meeting pods, team pods and soundproof pods.

You can also use partition screens to cancel some of the noise.

So, apart from the open office furniture itself, you will have to take care of the needs of your employees who need more personal space. 

Quiet Zone Furniture

These zones are not for startups; but if you can have the space in the office, it will really help your employees.

Whether you are a bank or a software company, your employees are tackling with a lot of responsibilities on a daily basis.

A quiet zone can help them focus better. Generally, these are spaces with a good amount of soundproofing done and an alternative interior design that does not reflect the office’s interiors.

What you are trying to achieve is simple – create a separate office space within the office where your employees can go and sit in quietness for a while. 

You can use mild music and yoga mats to give the space the necessary accessories. Beyond these, you can use lounge furniture ideas to keep the place light-hearted and yet comfortable. 

How can we help you get the right furniture for each zone?

We have been helping businesses get the right set of furniture for different zones, for years now. We understand the  large ideas and nuances.

For executive office furniture and collaboration furniture, you will have to take a customized approach to plan the space. You will have to map out the needs and then decide on the furniture. 

On the other side of things, you can use meeting and boardroom furniture as training/conference room furniture, if you believe you will need both but don’t have enough bandwidth in the budget. 

There are several such ideas we can help you with. We start with giving you a free office interior design consultation session. This is based on your specific business and its needs.

Then, you can sit back and focus on your business while we get your office furniture built and delivered to you. 

We offer industry-leading warranties and deliver in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, Melbourne and Darwin. 

Want to start your business’ growth trajectory today? Give our team a call!