Commercial Furniture Markets

Furniture, in general, is present around us all the time. This is the reason why we don’t put enough thought into knowing its impact and value on our lives.

When you go deeper into the speciality furniture segment, this gets all the more complex. Workplace furniture affects our productivity, growth and health.

Yet, most business operators, employees and office managers are not aware of the fact that the furniture they are buying, is an asset.

Accountants agree with the fact. This is the reason why they allow depreciation on furniture. But in its most pragmatic form, what utility does commercial furniture have in a business? 

The real idea can be attained only by answering the question – what business are you in?

Here’s what workplace furniture you should be considering, depending on your industry.

Yes, what industry you are in has a profound impact on what type of furniture will add the maximum value to the business and the community of employees. 

Healthcare furniture: When most people think about the furniture needs of a hospital, they think only about the surgical and medical equipment.

A large hospital also happens to be a large organization. And this organization will have its employees in the admin and healthcare teams.

When you have so many people in place, you have to ensure there is the right type of healthcare furniture.

For instance, the admin area will generally have the furniture identical to an office – chairs, desks, footrests and conference tables.

That said, even healthcare professionals need their space and furniture. Some may need a quiet pod, a meeting room or monitor stands for holding up reports.

Since most of the in-house experts are working long hours, it will only help them if the furniture supports a healthy lifestyle.

For this, hospital administration can look into standing desks and height-adjustable desks along with backrests and footrests.

In addition to this, the visitors will also require their own space in the hospital. Hence, there should be comfortable seating in the waiting area.

The visitors should be able to store their belongings into a locker room, once they have interacted at the reception desk. 

Education furniture: If you have been to college, you must already have a broad idea of what type of furniture is required by an educational institution.

But that is changing. Universities and schools are not the only educational institutions. There are training centres, coaching centres and even continuing-education centres.

These new-age educational institutions have different needs. For instance, their classrooms are smaller in size but have specific dynamics.

A new age classroom will focus more on collaboration. Hence, instead of the usual row after row arrangement of chairs and desks, one should consider conference tables. 

These tables are meant to optimize for the minimal area required and maximum possible collaboration chances.

These institutions will also require furniture like bookshelves, storage units and CPU holders since pretty much every training centre has a library.

Many institutions are taking the lead and providing quiet zones to their students. This is done using pods, soundproofing, partition and seating designs 

At the same time, some educational institutions try to replicate the feel of a workplace within the premises. 

That way, once students graduate, they are familiar with corporate interiors. For such set-ups, all the furniture that fits into an office will be relevant.  

Defence furniture: The furniture required by defence departments and agencies has some nuanced requirements.

First and foremost – basic materials like steel and wood are used as building materials in these furniture pieces.

Apart from the usual office chairs, desks and pods, these offices may need special meeting arrangements. 

For this, defence department heads can go for quiet pods, meeting pods or individual working pods. They also have the option of partition screens for in-house usage.

Most defence furniture is bought for decades. Since there is hardly any accounting valuation conducted on these, the defence departments care only about longevity.

Government furniture: Finally, the most complicated category of all speciality categories is government furniture.

Most government departments have centralized purchasing teams. Hence each new desk and chair is bought only when the need comes at a departmental level. 

This poses a unique set of challenges for the vendors. On one hand – they have to deal with an immediate need for a huge quantity. 

On the other hand, they have to wait longer for the reimbursement against the invoice. At the same time, since the government is bulk ordering, they seek discounts.

Most vendors and artisans are not comfortable in taking up government orders, thanks to these constraints. We see it as an opportunity and deliver exceptional quality. 

Here’s how we take care of all your commercial furniture needs.

We understand that buying furniture on a scale is not an easy task. You, as a decision-maker, have to think about way too many variables.

This is why our approach is unique. We list out all the problems prevalent in your business along with the constraints you are facing.

Once that is done, we give you a fundamental plan for your office interiors. You can choose to customize the material, the colour, the shape and even the design on top of this.

Even if you are a government agency – we can make the process linear for you. We offer bulk ordering and bulk discounts. We also offer a 30-day credit line. 

Plus, we are confident about the quality of our output. Hence, we give you the best in class warranties on our offerings. 

We understand that receiving the furniture at the right price is as important as the furniture’s design itself. This is the reason why we deliver across Australia.

Whether you are in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra or Darwin – your furniture will reach your location, intact. That too, without burning a hole in your pockets. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with our team today, and we will give you a free office interior planning consultation session.