Medi Select

Medi Select is Australia’s leading custom made ergonomic chair. Medi Select is tax free as it is recognised as a medical device.

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Over 70% of your body-weight is being dragged by gravity through the Ischial Tuberosities (commonly referred to as the ‘Sitting Bones’) at the base of your pelvis.

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In order to combat this, Medi Select offers a layer of visco elastic foam which will work to evenly distribute pressure throughout the surface of the cushion.

Medi Select utilises its high backed system to offer support for the thoracic and lumbar areas of the spine.

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Medi Select is a customisable chair that can be made for people with back and coccyx issues and allows for the option of bulsters around the shoulders to provide further thoracic and cervical support.

The high backed system acts as a head rest to provide further cervical support. Medi Select offers a customisable depth adjustment and has a weight capacity that can be tailor.

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made from 50 kilograms through to 160 kilograms.Medi Select’s allowance for such customisation enables it to be Australia’s leading chair in ergonomic office furniture.