KAB Seating

KAB office chairs have been designed to deliver optimum comfort and support across multiple users.The ergonomic characteristics necessary in a good driver’s seat.

seat are equally important in the office arena today, particularly in 24/7 operating environments. KAB Seating has developed a range of quality, durable, seating for 24/7 shift work applications.


comfort and support

Backrest recline adjustment

Tilt-lock mechanism

Height riser mechanismHeight & tilt adjustable headrest

Tip-up & swivell down armrests so that you can move the out of your way to make them fit

comfortable under your desk

Through a combination of features KAB Seating enables you to completely customise office chairs to suit your individualised comfort.

support needs,KAB Seating’s ergonomic customisable design has made it an international company, creating more productive workspaces across the globe.